Facebook Success Summit 2011 (view this video of Michael Stelzner, Founder “Social Media Examiner”)- join me at this amazing session if you are interested in staying current with Social Media. Click here to find out more about Facebook Success Summit 2011.

Facebook Success Summit 2011

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I can cook up a storm here- what do you think?

More often than not, the older = the better = the more fun to make it your own!

I can cook up a storm here- what do you think?


More often than not, the older = the better = the more fun to make it your own!

2 Body Parts that Can Unleash Your Potential

I was reminded this weekend that there is an alternative to being weighed down. Thanks to iPEC coaching, the awareness of what most people live with daily is being communicated. “Catabolic” or heavy, undermining energy keeps us from being engaged and manifesting our desires.

I encourage you to do an experiment today. Pick a partner and have a pleasant conversation for 2 minutes. Next, stick 2 fingers into your ribs until you feel a super sharp pain- try having that same conversation. You’d be surprised at how different the experience is.

The pain felt in this experiment is what most of us walk around with daily (sometimes sharper than others). There is a technique/ system for turning this around in your life. Identifying your current “pain” and exploring how this situation/ environment is not aligned with your personal values is the first step.

We need to change ourselves in order to shift the world. Join me in this movement!


You might as well...: LIVE


I have always loved nature, but am afraid of it. I feel about nature like I do about small children: I find both fascinating but there doesn’t seem to be a rule book for either so I’m never sure what to do when confronted.

Upon my arrival in Bridgehampton this weekend I saw deer on the…


Madbizhop - Social Media: How to: Teach Your Client Social Media

I could not have said it better- great piece on how to drive success for your client or company.


Have clients? Need to demonstrate to them the value and efficiency of learning and capitalizing on social media as part of their business strategy? Not always so easy right? I’ve provided some helpful tips in order to help you help your clients transition into utilizing social media platforms…

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Be “Enchanting” on Twitter

I had the great opportunity to participate in a webinar lead by Guy Kawasaki yesterday (thanks to my mentor Mari Smith for pulling this together!). His new book, "Enchantment", is a business book for our times- a guide to understanding how to connect to your ideal client through “wowing” them in today’s interactive emarketing environment.

Guy’s definition of what our intent is with Social Media: “To position yourself as an expert on any subject in the world.” A tall order but something that I am successfully achieving through the tools!

Interested in how to start through Twitter? First off, establish your intent. Mine is to be a go-to “giver” in the areas of Social Media, coaching/spirituality/motivation, real estate and New York City lifestyle. Guy emphasizes that Twitter is a “Link Economy”- every tweet of Guy’s includes a link to an article associated with the area that he is working to establish his expertise in.

My daily program to drive Twitter expertise (and increase your “Klout" per my post from yesterday):

  1. Set up content aggregation in Alltop, Stumble Upon, and Smart Brief. I have set up a “Magazine rack” in Alltop for NYC Real Estate Professionals and I encourage you to use it!
  2. Choose at least 8 pieces and craft at least 8 Twitter posts where you comment on the content. 
  3. Use Hootsuite and schedule your posts with 1 hour intervals between them so you are set for sharing the knowledge of the day.

This great start to developing consistency has a by product- you are increasing your knowledge in your subject of choice daily. Win/win/win- your future clients are waiting for your direction!

5 Ways to Give Daily

Klout is a new phenomena in Social Media measurement. Your “Influence” as a contributor is measured and shared across the network of those in the know- do you know your score?

How do they determine your worth? According to Wiki:

"Klout is a San Francisco based company that provides social media analytics that measures a users influence across their social network. The analysis is done on data collected from sites such as Twitter and Facebook and measures the size of a person’s network, the content created, and how other people interact with that content.” 

"Klout measures influence by using data points from Twitter, such as: following count, follower count, retweets, list memberships, how many spam/dead accounts are following you, how influential the people that retweet you are, and unique mentions. This information is blended with Facebook data such as comment, likes, and the number of friends in your network to come up with a “Klout Score” that measures a user’s online influence.”

I am all for improving communication globally so identifying who excels where is a passion of mine. Klout allows you to give credit called “+K” daily to 5 people who have influenced you. Here is how you can start:

1) Sign into Klout;

2) Click on “Influencers” on the left of the page;

3) Type in the Twitter handle of the person you want to recognize in the search bar;

4) Click on the “+K” category you’d like to give them credit as influencing you.

I plan to support my network daily through recognizing them here- are you determined to boost those who motivate and inspire you in this same way?

I have many contacts questioning the ROI of Social Media and asking for examples of how to go about using this medium to drive “conversion”. My mentor Mari Smith just shared this example. Getting your clients to “smile” is paramount, especially in today’s market where connection/ transparency/ being genuine is most valued.

Here is a video of how KLM used a flight list, social media trained staff, and personalized gifts to drive MASSIVE Social Media praise and awareness. How can you adapt this approach to the way you do business?

More at: http://surprise.klm.com/

Here is a visual on the word “giving”- I hope that the many ways one can give drawn out here inspire you today!

Here is a visual on the word “giving”- I hope that the many ways one can give drawn out here inspire you today!