1 Facebook Fan Page Tip That Drives Major “Likes”

Many people have asked me “How do I get a great initial base of “Likes” for my Facebook Fan Page”?

Before you start going after “Likes” I suggest that your Facebook Fan Page have the following components:

  • A great “Welcome” tab: You should change your default to this being the first thing that a new visitor sees when they visit your page. This tab should be welcoming, clearly define the information and/or offers that your page will be consistently posting, and insure that your brand shines through (like this page). I compare having a Landing Page for your Facebook Fan Page to wearing the proper suit for a business meeting- would you show up to a $5MM real estate listing appointment in cut-offs?
  • Now that you are dressed up in a suit, make sure that you are not taken for an “empty suit”. Have a great base (at least 10 over 1 week) of engaging status posts on your wall. The best way to learn how to be engaging is to model Fan Pages like Lujure that rock it!

Once you are set with the above, you can drive the following process for instant “Likes” (this tip comes directly from Mari Smith, my Social Media Mentor):

  • Contact your “Advocates” (people who are your raving fans) and ask them to help you drive “Likes” to your new Facebook Fan Page;
  • Make these “Advocates” admins to your Fan Page (for a week or so);
  • Instruct them to the link to the right of the Page “Invite Friends”, click “Search all Friends” and suggest that they invite as many friends as possible.

This is a natural way to drive community from the people who speak highly of you! I’d follow up with an act of appreciation so these Advocates keep helping you with filling your marketing pipeline.

If you are looking to take it to the next level, here are some tips more Fan Base building tips from Social Media Examiner.

Cheers! Dawn

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