Social Before Brand:Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Working on a Social Media strategy before sharpening the edges around your unique business brand is like putting the cart before the horse. This realization rang true for me after the few weeks I spent with clients and during my weekend at Social Media expert Mari Smith’s VIP retreat.

It is a natural instinct for us to do exactly as others do or to develop collateral and messages for the sake of doing something. All of this leads to us “shutting down” because we are going in many different directions.

David Tyreman’s “World Famous: How to Give Your Business a Kick-Ass Brand Identity”  was introduced to me through this webinar and I highly recommend that you give it a listen (1 hr 20 min). Here are the compelling statements from David that led me to downloading the book:

  • We can’t afford to be like other people, it makes us invisible.
  • What specifically makes you unique & valuable out there in the world must be defined so people can identify and choose you more easily.
  • When you know what you are about & stand out then business comes to you.

So how does this relate to Social Media? Defining you and your unique identity drives engagement from the audience that you are most likely to have sales success with. Being likeable online, demonstrating that you are trustworthy and communicating greatness through your consistent message will drive the development of Advocates, people who will sing your praises and send qualified contacts to your sales funnel.

I have a corresponding work plan that I am developing for my clients and for my “8 Steps to Advocate” program. I invite you to reach out to me if you are interested in showing the world that there is no one quite like you, and that there is no brand in the world quite like your own!

1 Facebook Fan Page Tip That Drives Major “Likes”

Many people have asked me “How do I get a great initial base of “Likes” for my Facebook Fan Page”?

Before you start going after “Likes” I suggest that your Facebook Fan Page have the following components:

  • A great “Welcome” tab: You should change your default to this being the first thing that a new visitor sees when they visit your page. This tab should be welcoming, clearly define the information and/or offers that your page will be consistently posting, and insure that your brand shines through (like this page). I compare having a Landing Page for your Facebook Fan Page to wearing the proper suit for a business meeting- would you show up to a $5MM real estate listing appointment in cut-offs?
  • Now that you are dressed up in a suit, make sure that you are not taken for an “empty suit”. Have a great base (at least 10 over 1 week) of engaging status posts on your wall. The best way to learn how to be engaging is to model Fan Pages like Lujure that rock it!

Once you are set with the above, you can drive the following process for instant “Likes” (this tip comes directly from Mari Smith, my Social Media Mentor):

  • Contact your “Advocates” (people who are your raving fans) and ask them to help you drive “Likes” to your new Facebook Fan Page;
  • Make these “Advocates” admins to your Fan Page (for a week or so);
  • Instruct them to the link to the right of the Page “Invite Friends”, click “Search all Friends” and suggest that they invite as many friends as possible.

This is a natural way to drive community from the people who speak highly of you! I’d follow up with an act of appreciation so these Advocates keep helping you with filling your marketing pipeline.

If you are looking to take it to the next level, here are some tips more Fan Base building tips from Social Media Examiner.

Cheers! Dawn

Facebook Success Summit 2011 (view this video of Michael Stelzner, Founder “Social Media Examiner”)- join me at this amazing session if you are interested in staying current with Social Media. Click here to find out more about Facebook Success Summit 2011.

Facebook Success Summit 2011

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Amazing and Engaging Facebook Update Strategy

This is from an email I received today sent by the super prolific and talented Nathan Latka. I used this technique today and received 18 comments and several likes on Facebook.

From Nathan:

Let’s face it,

If you haven’t used this EXACT strategy, your fan page updates are missing the mark.

Post this as a status right now on your fan page:
"The first thing I do on a Monday Morning is _______"

…. to be short and sweet- your page dies if it’s content doesn’t get in the newsfeed of your fans.

Did you know that only 3% of Fans ever actually come back to your fan page?

Try these tactics for sky high engagement:

1. Ask yes or no questions:
Example: “Yes or no do you like dogs”
For a Chinese Restaurant: “Yes or no, do you like to use Chop Sticks”

2. Post fill in the blank updates:
Example: “My favorite thing to do at 10pm is ________”
For a Network Marketer: “The last conference I went to was _________”

3. Ask for opinions or edgy questions:
Example: “What is wrong with this picture?”

Lujure: “If we said we’re about to release something absolutely revolutionary what would you say?”
(See Live Example Here)

4. Ask True or False questions:
Example: “True or False, on average 80% of start-ups fail”

5. Ask for tips:
Example: “What are your top 3 strategies to improve your Yoga workout”