2 Secrets to Success for 2012

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.  ~Lawrence J. Peter


Goals are dreams with deadlines.  ~Diana Scharf Hunt


There is no better time to be introspective and set yourself up for success than the end of the calendar year.  December offers a light energy, a season of celebration and a promise of miracles. If embraced effectively, this month can be the beginning of a year planned and goals achieved with intention.


The concept of “suddenly”, times when we perceive situations or events coming out of nowhere is one that we should consider. Nature doesn’t happen “suddenly”. We don’t go to sleep to wake up to a tree “suddenly” growing in front of our building.  Lottery winners are few and far between and they often lose their sudden winnings quickly!


Here’s a secret- the “edge” that successful people have is the slow and steady. They understand production. Much like Malcolm Gladwell’s concept in “Outliers”, the people who reach outstanding performance levels are those who keep at doing one thing consistently (the 10,000 hours of practice analogy).


Knowing that success is derived from 1) defining and building your desire and 2) consistently doing one “good” thing daily that will result in your reaching your goals….”what are you prepared to do?”


Easier said than done….getting to the core of your “what” requires a bit of “why” work. This first module is about exploration and understanding the “beliefs” that we have been carrying around and how those beliefs have kept us back from achieving. We will also take a look at our recent performance and set a realistic goal for the coming year. Are you ready to analyze logistics while addressing the behavior that, once viewed, will free us to getting to our higher level? Let’s dig in! 

Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen

I am writing this post from my super comfortable lounge chair overlooking the palm trees and surf at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Key Biscayne. My husband is a big fan of this chain and I am now won over by their overwhelming sense of customer service and dedication.

Like Starbucks and coffee, The Ritz Carlton is not about selling hotel rooms- they are selling memorable customer experiences. I was and am blown away by every employee interaction I have had throughout the weekend-they truly care and go the extra mile to insure that every minute of your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

How timely that this coincides with my program development and quest to coach entrepreneurs on how to break through the “stream of sameness” (especially in the Real estate agency business) they face in their respective industries.

As you probably guessed, the magic starts with leadership. The key Ritz Carlton principles that Joseph A.Michelli emerged with in his book "The New Gold Standard" are centered on:
- Understanding the ever-evolving needs of customers
- Empowering employees by treating them with utmost respect
- Anticipating customers’ unexpressed needs and concerns
- Developing and conducting an unsurpassed training regimen

Anticipating unexpressed needs in particular calls for awareness, selflessness and a culture of service. Being in touch with how you show up energetically is the foundation of consciousness and the requirement for true connection. All in all, coaching around your individual ability to motivate and inspire others is the first step in becoming a “stand out” service provider.

I sit here savoring the last hours of this most delightful vacation experience. With this book in hand and dedication to my clients I intend to bring a bit of The Ritz Carlton back to my real world.

Casual Glam- Queen Sienna by citydawn featuring a black tote bag
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New App Watch- Recco for Food Recommendations

Boy, did Zagat miss the boat! Downloading this now.

Mindrelic - Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.


Manhattan in Motion.  Another New York City, time-lapse video by Josh Owens.  Stunning.

12 Frozen Cocktails to get us through this NYC Heatwave
This picture is worth a thousand words- check out the details from Eater

12 Frozen Cocktails to get us through this NYC Heatwave

This picture is worth a thousand words- check out the details from Eater

Hail down a cab with these taxi inspired paws!

Hail down a cab with these taxi inspired paws!

(Source: cccclaire)