Stop Losing Sales- The 1 Technique You Need

I met with a veteran Real Estate agent this week (27 years in the business!) and she told me the story of how she lost a listing contract to an agent who worked for one of the larger New York City firms. We’ve all shared similar tales of woe, heard from friends about the “one that got away”. My response to her was that she lost the listing months before the appointment took place. How could that be, you may ask.

Well here is the straight answer I have for anyone looking to develop a successful, consistent and enjoyable business. You must stop leading with the “what” and begin to capture people who are ideal clients who may not be ready to buy, sell or rent (the real estate agent example) today. Those “Just listed” cards are thrown in the trash if I am not ready to buy today. I’ll visit your website but will probably not come back if I am not ready to buy today.

Imagine if that agent I mentioned in paragraph 1 had a compelling giveaway that was aligned to her brand (Ex: Brooklyn’s Top kid friendly restaurants) and people who came in contact with her “opted in” to receive the guide via email. She would have an opportunity to educate/build trust through email sequences and offline connects. When those new relationships are ready to buy,sell,rent or refer that agent would certainly be on their short list if she conducted herself in a “giving” way with her interactions.

Simon Sinek brings this new approach together in "Start with Why" and his amazing Ted Talk. I highly recommend that you watch his presentation!

Contact me if you are done with losing business- I have the formula that works in today’s Relationship Marketing environment.

3 Rock Star Social Media Pundits

I am seeing a pattern this week- companies who are trying to understand Social Media are asking “why?” and those of us who get where all of this is going are asking “how can I best communicate the critical nature of getting on board with Social Media?”. Maybe this is surfacing because it’s Internet Week, maybe there is some planetary activity, or maybe people just want for all of this to go away and get back to the good old days.

One thing is for certain- consumers do not want to be sold to anymore! They are buying through the recommendations of the community. Today’s consumer dictates that you exist online (transparency) so they can develop a relationship, get to know you (or your company) before taking the next step (which is going to your website and converting into a customer). The evolution of the new way of marketing and selling is Relationship Marketing and the time to start is now!

Brian Solis came to the rescue with his posts R.I.P. Marketing, I Never Really Like You Anyway and This is a Time for Leaders to Lead and Not to React. He communicates that

  • Social and selling just don’t mix. Have you ever been to a wedding sponsored by Nike? Does a future where restaurant tables display infomercials sound appealing?
  • The last thing anyone wants in a social context is a commercial. If you’re responsible for marketing your business, the time for change is now!

His second post  (be sure to watch the videos- they are brilliant!) reveals:

  • From satisfaction and goodwill to thriving online communities to building loyalty and trust, customer engagement in social networks is revealing tangible advantages.
  • social media will become an integral and proven pillar in the foundation of not just customer service, but the very fabric of business.
  • This is about taking the perpetual switching of social media from on and off to on again and evolving campaigns to that of continuum engagement. A connected customer is always on and as such, an adaptive business must do just that, remain nimble.

The second pundit to the rescue of those of us who are driving the importance of Relationship Marketing is Gary Vaynerchuk and his book The Thank You Economy. His wisdom regarding where all of this is going is:

  • People often buy for no other reason than they associate one choice with someone they know. (p54)
  • The ROI of a company’s engagement with a customer scales in proportion to the bonds of the relationship. (p54)
  • Without Social Media, you and your customer are relegated to strangers; with it, depending on your efforts, you can potentially upgrade your relationship to that of casual acquaintances, and even, in time to friends. (pg54)

He goes on to say that EVERY COMPANY should be investing in transforming customers into advocates and he gives statistics on how advocates stick around longer and would be more likely to keep spending with you as time goes on.

I hope these two sources give you the ammunition you need to convert the questioning masses (your colleagues and clients who are having trouble embracing Social Media and the concept of Relationship Marketing).

And if the above is not enough, here is the updated "Social Media Revolution" video from Erik Qualman.